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  1. Several actresses leave 'French Oscars' ceremony after Roman Polanski wins prize for best director.
  2. The murder of journalist Jan Kuciak and his fiancée convulsed Slovak politics.
  3. The move comes after 33 Turkish troops were killed in Syria, where 1m civilians are fleeing fighting.
  4. One aim is to get cars off the road and ease traffic congestion but critics see it as a PR stunt.
  5. Police said there had been "unacceptable incidents" linked to a Congolese singer's concert.
  6. Milda Romanova's home is an old rail station, and at 88 she still loves all things trains.
  7. France's Europe minister says the focus must be on substance, as details and timings of the talks emerge.
  8. What is life like for a family living in one of Italy's quarantined villages?
  9. The Church signed up to the future of AI - an ethical one - along with Microsoft and IBM.
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