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  1. How ordinary Russian have taken to appealing directly to Vladimir Putin to solve their problems.
  2. Nine people are arrested on suspicion of murder and abuse of power after last month's deadly tremor.
  3. Karina, a Danish-French actress, was the muse of director Jean-Luc Godard.
  4. Tens of thousands rally against the right-wing League party of Matteo Salvini, using sardines as their symbol.
  5. In letters to two Sunday papers, the Labour leader admits the party came up short in Thursday's poll.
  6. The bloc sets a target for carbon neutrality but Poland, which relies heavily on coal, is exempted.
  7. The teenage climate activist says the phrase has a different meaning in her first language, Swedish.
  8. We look at 20 photographs of the former KGB agent, who became Russia's president in 1999.
  9. More women are needed to help combat terrorism and insurgents, Spain's defence minister says.
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