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BBC News - Europe
  1. Serzh Sargsyan, an ex-president recently made prime minister, stepped down after days of protests.
  2. Salah Abdeslam receives a 20-year sentence over a gunfight that led to his arrest in 2016.
  3. The experiment in paying a basic income to 2,000 jobless Finns will not be expanded.
  4. The Italian foreign office says it hopes the terminally ill toddler "can get immediate transfer to Italy".
  5. Daniel Barenboim hands back major German music awards after controversial rappers honoured.
  6. The bodies of four men killed in the Spanish Civil War are being exhumed from a controversial monument.
  7. A 16th Century gold case containing Anne of Brittany's heart was stolen from a French museum.
  8. Seven countries asked the European Commission to review the purchase of the music identification app.
  9. Google and Amazon have been caught up in Russian attempts to block the Telegram messaging app.
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