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  1. This comes after Poland lowered the retirement age of Supreme Court judges, triggering protests.
  2. A person identifying as intersex receives the gender X in their passport after court ruling.
  3. When several French job centres tried out a TV talent-show approach there was immediate criticism.
  4. A Russian MP is among 17 cleared of handling mafia profits in Spain.
  5. Turkish officials believe the Saudi journalist's body may have been disposed of outside Istanbul.
  6. A court convicts three people over their attempts to scare investigative journalist Jessikka Aro.
  7. A 150-million-year-old, sharp-toothed fossil is believed to be the world's oldest piranha-like specimen.
  8. Nine-year-old Eric Zhi Ying Xue was born in the Republic of Ireland and has never been outside the country.
  9. UK tourists and workers won't be denied French visas after Brexit, the French president says.
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