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  1. Mahathir Mohamad criticises the charging of three Russians over the downing of the Malaysian plane.
  2. There is intense national rivalry over the successors to Jean-Claude Juncker and other key figures.
  3. Two mayors who survived serious knife attacks may be the targets of far-right groups, police say.
  4. It comes after the "whale jail", where orcas and belugas were held, sparked an international outcry.
  5. Philippe Zdar, one half of French dance duo Cassius, dies on the eve of their new album's release.
  6. The Dutch PM said there was "no point" in further negotiations, unless the UK changed its red lines.
  7. The UK government appoints panel of experts to advise on ways to avoid a hard border after Brexit.
  8. Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy will face trial for allegedly trying to bribe a magistrate.
  9. Two performing beluga whales are freed to live out their days in a secluded Icelandic bay.
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