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  1. The prime minister hails "excellent deal" with the EU, but a successful vote in Parliament is not yet certain.
  2. US Vice-President Mike Pence says the pause in operations will allow Kurdish-led forces to withdraw.
  3. Protests erupt in France as a Muslim mother accuses a far-right politician of "racial violence".
  4. Bruno Dey, 93, on trial for complicity in mass murder at a Nazi death camp, says he felt sorry.
  5. The pair are accused of belonging to a group that were attempting to overthrow President Putin.
  6. Unrest in the Spanish region continues for a fourth day after the sentencing of Catalan separatists.
  7. EU leaders have hailed the agreement as a big step even though it still has to get through the UK Parliament.
  8. The gadget aims to help young Catholics pray for world peace and contemplate the gospel.
  9. The slime-like organism has been unveiled at a zoo in Paris. It looks like a fungus and has no mouth, stomach or eyes - but it's still able to both detect and digest food!
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