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  1. The flight was downed over Ukraine by a missile fired by a unit based in Russia, investigators say.
  2. The parliament approves a new law saying that the lack of consent, even without violence, is a crime.
  3. The woman named Farah was rescued after accusing her family of luring her from Italy to Pakistan.
  4. German experts defused the bomb after dealing with an explosion and fire.
  5. The pair became obsessed that Sophie Lionnet was plotting against them with a former Boyzone singer.
  6. Malware that could 'kill' home routers has been thwarted by the FBI's action against the malicious site.
  7. The number of Romanian nationals living in the UK is 411,000 - overtaking India and the Irish Republic.
  8. In a recording posted online, the prank caller pretends to be the new prime minister of Armenia.
  9. EU residents are being blocked from several services and in some cases having their accounts wiped.
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