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  1. Judges at the Supreme Court continued to hear arguments over the legality of suspending Parliament.
  2. A lawyer shot dead in Amsterdam was investigating a notorious, violent drug gang.
  3. In a BBC exclusive, Xavier Bettel says it was never his intention to humiliate Boris Johnson.
  4. An investigation rejects Russian claims that Jeanne Calment actually died at 59, rather than 122.
  5. Phone donations are made in Belgium to help treat nine-month-old Pia's rare condition.
  6. Fabio Buzzi's powerboat hit rocks as he neared the finishing line in the Venice lagoon.
  7. Film and TV celebrities in Russia are protesting after a young actor was jailed on Tuesday.
  8. He writes to Polish nationals to say they should apply for settled status or consider returning.
  9. The government insists "constructive" talks are ongoing after the EU's chief negotiator's remarks.
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