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  1. The appointment steps up the inquiry into payments made to the family of the presidential candidate.
  2. German intelligence spied on the BBC and other foreign journalists, Spiegel news reports.
  3. European Parliament ex-president Martin Schulz is a top candidate in this year's German elections.
  4. They say they were set upon with a hacksaw by a group of men shouting anti-Semitic abuse.
  5. Many Turks abroad are thought to have backed the coup plot against President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
  6. German car maker returns to profit and posts record sales in 2016 despite emissions testing furore.
  7. Presidential candidate Marine Le Pen will not speak to police about her alleged misuse of EU funds.
  8. Claudio Ranieri says his "dream died" when he was sacked as Leicester manager nine months after winning the title.
  9. A Catholic church in County Galway plans a drive-thru ashes service for Ash Wednesday.