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BBC News - Europe
  1. Staff at a space site are suspected of leaking data on the new generation of weapons to the West.
  2. The knife attack took place on a bus in the northern city of Lübeck, reports say.
  3. EU's negotiator says UK plan for a future trade relationship runs risk of weakening single market.
  4. Interior Minister Matteo Salvini says he will "not allow anyone to say I help the mafia".
  5. Novichok victim Charlie Rowley has been discharged from hospital after being poisoned on 30 June.
  6. The sacking of the French presidential staff employee follows footage of attacks on protesters in Paris.
  7. Genetic material proves that the animal killed off the coast of Iceland was not a blue whale but a rare hybrid.
  8. Migrating geese race to warmer Arctic but are too worn out to lay their eggs early when they get there.
  9. The UK and EU agree there should be no hard border post-Brexit, but are at odds on how to achieve it.
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