Harris A. Ikonomopoulos, President

Greek joint President, British Hellenic Chamber of Commerce (www.bhcc.gr)
Lawyer & Managing Partner, Ikonomopoulos & Partners, LLP


Harris Ikonomopoulos is a lawyer practicing before the Greek Supreme Court and Council of State. In 1993 he established “Ikonomopoulos & Partners LLP” (www.ikonomopoulos.gr). Has advised/advises and represented/represents as International and/or Greek Legal Counsel clients such as the Hellenic Republic’s Inter Ministerial Committee of Privatisations, institutional investors for investment and development in Greece, South East Europe and Iran, privatisations, energy and Upstream, telecom, housing and tourism development projects etc. Pro bono community work for the Greek Parliament Opposition in 1996 as legal controller of the Concession Agreement for the Design, Construction, Financing, Maintenance and Operation of major concessions in Greece, namely the Rion-Antirion Bridge, the Attiki Odos Free Highway and the New Athens International Airport. Lawyer to journalists prosecuted while performing their duties as “public watchdogs”.

Co-founder and Chairing Friend of 2050 GREECE and ELPIDES associations, non-profit citizens unions that are, inter alia, working on a specific institutional reform plan for Greece in co-operation with similar think tanks and work groups. As Secretary General of the Center for Political Research and Information (1990-1993) he helmed the think tank’s work group that proposed specific measures for the transparent financing of the Greek political system and parties.

In July 2008 initiated and funded a citizens motion and class action against SIEMENS AG requesting full disclosure and publication of corrupt practices and the names of persons involved in contracts awarded to above company by the state and state controlled companies on the basis of “facilitating payments” (www.elleos.gr). Pro bono legal adviser to a political party of the Left on the Parliamentary Rogatory Committee for the “Siemens” case.

Publisher (March 2013 - November 2014) of daily “Eleftherotypia”, “Sunday Eleftherotypia” and www.enet.gr and founder of www.enetenglish.gr


In May 2010 was elected as the Greek joint president of the British Hellenic Chamber of Commerce (www.bhcc.gr), re-elected 7 May 2014. Speaker/moderator in several Greek and international conferences, author of articles on legal issues and community matters. Fluent in Greek, English and French, fair in Italian. Married to Jasmin Karimzadeh – Nedjat, an Iranian wife of German nationality, p

arents of two children.

Athens, 15 April 2016