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  1. The Ukrainian president and first lady land in Ottawa, more than 18 months after Russia invaded.
  2. With an election looming, politicians are grappling with how to support Ukraine and prioritise national interests.
  3. PM Nikol Pashinyan says Armenia is prepared but there is "no direct threat" to civilians.
  4. The region is at the heart of a long-running conflict between ethnic Armenians and Azerbaijanis.
  5. Three men and two women are to be charged with conspiracy to conduct espionage, UK prosecutors say.
  6. The Ukrainian president visited the Capitol, the Pentagon and the White House looking for support.
  7. France secure their record win with a 96-0 World Cup victory over Namibia, but lose captain Antoine Dupont to injury.
  8. Mateusz Morawiecki's remarks come as tensions escalate over Ukraine's grain exports.
  9. His speech, delivered in French and English, touched on climate change and Russia's invasion of Ukraine.
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