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  1. It is rare for officials to say how many Ukrainian soldiers have died since Russia's full-scale invasion.
  2. Their families have appealed to the Indian government for help getting them back home.
  3. Alexei Navalny's mother has been demanding the return of his body since his death in a Russian prison.
  4. Sara Jorge and her boyfriend say they were saved by a mixture of luck and a desire to live.
  5. Workers first walked out on Monday in a dispute over the way the tower was managed.
  6. Clashes erupt between security forces and farmers protesting at the presence of President Macron.
  7. Ukrainians may be fatigued by the war, but they still see it as a fight for survival.
  8. Cladding as well as high winds are being blamed for the flame in the 14-floor complex in Valencia.
  9. The victims were killed in separate, unrelated incidents in the Austrian capital on Friday.
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