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  1. Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni says the proposed ban aims to protect farmers and consumers.
  2. Ukraine suspects some of Ukraine's Orthodox Church's top clergy have ties with Russia's Orthodox Church.
  3. Russia's intelligence services have had more success in Ukraine than its army, says a top think tank.
  4. The Dutch city targets UK men aged 18-35 in an ad campaign aimed at changing its reputation.
  5. Thousands of women say the country's climate change policy damages their right to life and health.
  6. The firm previously said a Black Lives Matter design would create confusion with its famous three-stripe mark.
  7. The deal was delayed for weeks after Germany called for an exemption for cars running on e-fuels.
  8. Average rents in the Emirate rose by more than a third last year as soaring demand outstripped supply.
  9. Improving relations with Europe is the priority, as the King's first state visit heads for Germany.
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