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Membership Categories

There are two categories of BHCC membership :

  • Ordinary Members pay annual subscription fees listed in the field of the Main Menu ("MEMBERSHIP / RATES").
  • Sustaining Members make a special contribution to the Chamber’s further development by paying a higher subscription for their generous support. Sustaining Members are offered additional benefits. Any company can apply to become a sustaining member of the Chamber.

The information you supply under company name, address, telephone & fax numbers, e-mail address, chief executive and nature of business etc will be published in the Directory of Members and on the Chamber's website, being thus available to all BHCC members, readers of the Directory and visitors to the website.



2022 Subscription Rates
(Cheques payable to British Hellenic Chamber of Commerce, Athens)


Greece   € 1000
Overseas   GBP 500


Greek-based firms
Category I Corporations, S.A. Co.'s, Banks & Branches of Foreign Companies € 450
Category II E.P.E., O.E., E.E., Ltd., M.IKE, LLP-Law Firms € 270
Category III Individuals € 160
Overseas-based firms
Category I Corporations, Banks, Companies with over 20 employees GBP 350
Category II Companies with up to 20 employees GBP 200
Category III Individuals 
GBP 100
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The advantages of being a chamber member

The role of the Chamber is to assist its members in both Greece and Great Britain by providing a number of direct and tangible services, designed to assist in the efficient operation of their business, in an effort to increase exchange of products, services and technology.

Membership is open to companies and individuals in Greece and Britain, engaged in, or interested in furthering business and economic relations between the two countries and the Balkans, and who subscribe to the objectives of the Chamber.

Sustaining Members, who represent large corporations, contribute significantly to the aims of the Chamber, and offer their expertise in a variety of areas.

As a member of the chamber your company will enjoy a variety of benefits, such as:

  • Advance notice of conferences, seminars, lunches and other events, attended by specialized speakers and decision-makers, dealing with issues relating to financial, economic, legal and political developments at national and international level
  • The opportunity to promote products and services by actively participating in, and sponsoring events
  • Advertising opportunities
  • Effective membership referral through the Chamber's extensive network of business contacts
  • Information on companies seeking business partners in Britain and Greece
  • Consultancy services
  • Listing alphabetically and by trade classification on the Chamber website
  • Seminar/meeting room facilities for up to 20 participants in the Chamber premises
  • Discounts on certain events
  • Private working lunches with high-ranking officials
  • The ability to organize events supported by the BHCC, with distribution of invitations and advertisement on website

Additional benefits offered to sustaining members:

  • Short profile and company logo in a special section on the Chamber website
  • Personal invitation to special briefings and exclusive events


BHCC 2020

Code of Conduct




The British Hellenic Chamber of Commerce (BHCC) is an independent, autonomous, non-profit organisation, funded solely by income from membership fees and profits arising from events and functions organised by the Chamber.

The main purpose of the British Hellenic Chamber of Commerce is to promote bilateral Greek-British trade and to provide business and investment services for its members. The BHCC represents members’ interests in both Greece and the UK.

As a Member of the British Hellenic Chamber of Commerce, I/we recognize that membership is a privilege and that a member owns the responsibility to follow the Code of Conduct. The Chamber’s Code of Conduct intends to, without exception, require members of the BHCC to:

  • Conduct business in a respectable manner, to reflect ethically upon the business community and fellow Chamber members.
  • Respect the reputation, profile and status of the British Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and represent the Chamber accordingly.
  • Abstain from demeaning the business practices of fellow members and refrain from engaging in unethical practices.
  • Not to speak on behalf of the Chamber as having authority to do so unless specifically requested or instructed or otherwise having obtained prior consent to do so from the Executive Committee of the Board of the Chamber.
  • Not to issue, by any means, malicious, inflammatory, critical, or abusive messages or statements in relation to the Chamber or its members, invitees or guests.
  • To act in accordance with the laws, rules, and regulations of Greece.
  • Not to share personal data of any individual to any third party without the prior consent of that individual.
  • Not to spam or use personal data in a manner that may be deemed inappropriate.
  • Not to imply the Chamber's permission or collaboration in your communications if you do not have the Chamber’s consent.
  • Respect the role of the Chamber Staff.

Failure to commit to the above, may result in termination of BHCC Membership.


Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy

The Chamber is committed to a policy that prohibits discrimination, harassment or sexual harassment. For this reason, it will be the policy of the Chamber to comply with all applicable  local laws relating to discrimination or harassment.

Chamber members should respect this policy in matters involving race, gender, age, sexual orientation or sexual identity, political or religious affiliation, and to act in a manner free of discrimination, harassment or sexual harassment.

Members participating in Chamber activities  who do not comply and discriminate against a fellow Chamber member or harass them, risk their participation in future Chamber events and activities and/or even their membership to the Chamber.


Athens, February 2022

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