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  1. The EU says the leaks are caused by sabotage and promises the "strongest possible response".
  2. The BBC’s Abdujalil Abdurasulov reports from Ukrainian front line positions in the Kherson region
  3. Denmark will wear "toned down" jerseys for the World Cup to protest against Qatar's human rights record and treatment of migrant workers.
  4. People harmed by such items and digital ones like drones will have easier access to legal help.
  5. The star's music will be looked after by Pophouse, which also runs the Abba Voyage shows in London.
  6. The Johnson family, who own the New York Jets, say it was "their duty" to help Ukraine after making a $1m donation and a humanitarian trip.
  7. The singer is accused of failing to pay €14.5m (£12.9m) in tax and could face eight years in jail.
  8. The BBC gets rare access to the front line near Kherson where Ukrainian troops are pushing Russians back.
  9. Seismologists said there were underwater blasts before the leaks emerged near a Danish island.
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